Live Streaming – Virtual Events – On-Site Production

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Live Streaming Services

DLIVE can live stream video across any platform, including YouTube, Facebook, over Internet and fully managed platform from which to deliver next-level virtual events


LED Walls

We provide excellent quality of LED walls on hire, in all available sizes at very affordable prices.


Drone on Hire

We offer a variety of good quality drones for hiring purposes for any occasion at reasonable rates.

About us

We provide creative solutions that gets the attention of our global clients.

Dlive is a full-service broadcasting entity, Dlive team has been delivering live-streaming solutions to multiple events like marriages, family functions, festival’s, funerals and webinars for over 15 years, helping our client to facilitate to live online content delivery.

Our vision has always been clear is to empower our clients to produce and distribute their near content and reach a targeted audience despite physical barriers.

Live Stream Your Life's Beautiful Moments